Diego Swinburn General Manager

Lourdes is committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices developed by an experienced and environment friendly team. We are motivated to create value for our customers through the development of long term relationships and continuous improvement of each of our processes through innovation and use of technology.

We love being part of this industry in which we have more than 20 years, and we want to remain there for years working daily in order to make things even better.

Jorge Barros Commercial Manager

According to recent studies bulk wine from the new world countries have increased its share in wine exports from a 23% to a 43% in the last decade. Bottling in destination can be a very attractive alternative when looking for optimization in costs and in environmental impact. This fact has opened new doors for this industry.

Being part of one of the most important economic groups in Chile (Yarur family) gives us the chance to lead in constant Research and Development and to improve every year our production processes in order to deliver exactly what our customers need for the right price.

We believe that there is a big challenge in front of us for the next years: Consolidate Chile as a top bulk wine provider in terms of quality and competitiveness. We are up to the challenge and looking forward to demonstrate that in Lourdes we take this challenge as an opportunity to keep moving forward.

Hector Varas Administration Manager

We aim to manage resources and investments in a way we can maximize our quality in all business units.

Our area is formed by a highly trained group that strive everyday using accounting and administrative tools that allows us to perform internal controls delivering timely, reliable and systematic information. With this we believe our company is working with complete information in order to make the best decisions in order to optimize resources. All this using the GAAP (Generally accepted Account Principles) and from year 2011 adopting the International Standards of Financial Information.

Rodrigo Moletto Viticulture

To let next generations enjoy the planet we have today depends only on us. We need to be careful and gentle with the environment and work the extraction of resources on the principles of sustainability.

Hector Muņoz Juice Concentrates Manager

We are a forward thinking company, highly committed to our customers and constantly concerned about the development of new technologies that allow us to obtain products with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and with care of the environment.

Our interest is not only to generate high quality and efficient products but also to be focused on sustainable development politics based in CSR guidelines.

We are interested in maintaining leadership in innovation through a constant search for new processes to obtain products as natural as possible, keeping intact the characteristics of our juices.

Javier Zegers Head of Management Control

Our company has focused in satisfying customers. We delivered customized products, developed specially for them with sustainable and environment friendly practices. Our expertise has given us the chance to develop decent economies of scale within the industry. Controlling our own processes has giving us the chance to become more efficient and to improve the quality of our range of products delivering value for owners and customers.

We manage to be leaders in the market in terms of quality, efficiency of our operation, value offered and the timely implementation of new technologies.